We offer excellent opportunities for teenagers and adults to earn money delivering papers

Become A Deliverer for James Borthwick


If you are interested in becoming a paper deliverer AND are under 16, please visit us at the shop with a parent or guardian. 

  • Minimum age 13
  • No upper age limit!
  • Morning(Monday to Saturday) and Sunday delivery jobs
  • Excellent rate of pay
  • Good exercise & health benefits
  • Looks good on your resumé

We have a team of 26 deliverers working for us. Morning deliveries start at 7am and take 40 - 50 minutes. Sunday deliveries take 1hour - 1hour 40 minutes and also start at 7am. We have strict weight limits for bags, and trolleys are readily available so you don't need to be superstrong. The health and exercise benefits are significant, and sleep deprivation for morning runs should not be a problem with a little self-discipline and an earlier bedtime. Wages currently range from £30 -£55 for morning runs and £10 - £20 for Sunday runs. 

You can contact us for more details on 0131 332 6499, or call into the shop. We often have vacancies for holiday cover during school holidays, which is an ideal way to try the job. Almost every member of  staff in the shop started out as a paper deliverer, and still go out delivering during sickness cover or for training.