Details of our Hotel Newspaper Delivery Service in Central & North Edinburgh


We run a special delivery service specifically aimed at satisfying hotels' unique needs. We currently deliver to 40 hotels in central Edinburgh and Leith. All deliveries are supervised by the two directors, (David Borthwick and David Gray) to ensure our accuracy and quality of service remains amonst the highest available. Hotels can place standing orders (e.g. for lounge or bar papers, or trade magazines) and/or guest newspaper orders. Because  of our experience and because we deliver to so many hotels and sell newspapers within our shop, it is unusual for us to run short of papers. We also carry a wide range of magazines, and foreign newspapers(There is a document containing all newspaper titles and their respective prices which is downloadable from this page).   


Hotels are provided with a fax order form (downloadable from this page) which they copy and use to fax their guest order to us every day. The fax should have a total written on it which acts as a double check for us. This fax should reach us before 4am, although alterations can be telephoned through after 4am for late amendments. Hotels with a standing order will receive both the standing order and any guest orders which are faxed through. Delivery is between 5.10am and 6.40am M-F, and 5.30am - 6.50am Saturday/Sunday. All papers are supplied complete with all supplements pre-inserted. The delivery service operates in full 362 days per year (No papers on Christmas Day, and no service on 26th December or 1st January). Foreign titles are available, and we can obtain facsimiles of a vast range of foreign titles on the day with 24 hours notice. We are used to dealing with special one-off orders for conferences etc. We also supply price lists on a regular basis.

Costs All titles are supplied at full cover price. Additionally we have a small weekly service charge (currently £3 per week *). Fully itemised schedules and invoices are provided weekly, and a statement  is issued every month. Payment within 14 days of statement is required although we recognise that many hotels require longer payment terms and may offer longer credit terms.* Higher delivery charges may be applied for hotels who do not pay to our credit terms.  

Placing an Order 

The best way to contact us is to give us a call on 332 6499 and ask to speak to someone about hotel deliveries. We can discuss your particular needs and give you an accurate picture of delivery times. Thanks for looking. 

Fax Order Form   

Hotel Paper Fax Form