Details of our commercial newspaper delivery service in Central & North Edinburgh


We have been delivering to businesses for over 30 years, and consider quality of service to be the most important factor. Our delivery area extends throughout central Edinburgh and Leith, seven days a week. Our customer base currently stands at around 850 private households, 350 commercial customers and 40 hotels. All orders and deliveries are supervised by the two partners (David Borthwick and David Gray) and our staff structure is set up so that there is always a member of the early morning team working in the shop. This means any problems, unusual delivery queries etc. can be dealt with throughout the day by one of the team who will actually be out delivering your order. Our opening times are 4am - 6pm Monday -Saturday, 4.30 am - 1pm Sunday. All commercial deliveries are carried out between 5 am - 7.15 am, and we can accept quite specific delivery instructions (e.g. wrap and tie, leave beside pillar, mark every paper clearly etc.). We provide a full 7 day per week service, including bank holidays if required. We do not deliver on Christmas Day (no national papers published), Boxing Day or New Year's Day but can save papers from these days if you require.

Placing, Amending or Suspending an Order 

Placing your initial order, or altering or suspending the order is easy. We can accept permanent alterations or temporary amendments by telephone (332 6499) or fax (476 4154). Using a bank holiday Monday as an example, our existing customers may routinely ask us to deliver unchanged (the default), suspend the delivery completely (no Monday papers), deliver a revised order on the Monday only, or retain the order (normal or revised) in our premises for delivery on the Tuesday. Some customers treat each Monday holiday seperately as they come along, others provide a list in springtime covering all the main Monday holidays through to September. There is a small weekly charge for delivery, but no additional charge for amendments as described above.

Range of Titles

We carry a full range of daily and Sunday national newspapers, plus Scottish titles such as the Dundee Courier, and Aberdeen Press & Journal. We stock a wide range of magazines, and can obtain any that are available to the newstrade.We obtain trade publications for many of our customers, and try to get time-sensitive titles (eg Economist,or  Caterer & Hotelkeeper) delivered on the day of publication. We carry many European newspapers and the USA Today, International Herald Tribune, and Wall Street Journal. We can also obtain facsimile copies of a vast rangeof international papers on the day by special order.

Milk Deliveries

We also provide milk deliveries. This reduces the number of suppliers you have to deal with, reducing your admin. Please ask for more details.

Payment Terms

We will provide a statement of account at the end of every month for the previous 4- or 5- week period. Our standard terms are payment within 14 days but this is negotiable. We can also submit invoices to centralised payment centres if required. Payment is currently accepted by cash, cheque or BACS.