Milk Delivery Service to Business and Home in North Edinburgh

Milk Delivery Service for Existing Customers

If we are already delivering your newspapers then we are also able to deliver milk to you. This gives you one supplier, one point of contact for holiday starts and stops, and one bill - although we can bill you separately if you prefer at no extra charge.

  • One supplier to deal with
  • Same terms as newspaper billing
  • Highly flexible - never be stuck with too much or too little
  • Tailored for small and medium sized offices and private homes
  • Papers and milk do not need to be taken together
  • Fresh daily from dairy at 3.30am with you by 7.30am
  • 1 - 7 day delivery 
  • Full Cream, Semi Skimmed and Skimmed in 500ml, 1l, and 2l cartons
  • Bread, coffee (instant/filter) tea bags also available for delivery

Typically we label the milk with your name (ideal for shared offices), we will leave it where you want, you can call us all day (until 6pm) to amend the next day's delivery. The order can vary every day, or you can take it only one or two days per week. Sell by dates are usually around 7 days after delivery date.

Important Note

We started delivering milk several years ago in response to requests by customers, and the service has grown enormously since then. We are not trying to poach business from existing milkmen for whom this is their livelihood. McQueen's Dairy through west deliver in Edinburgh overnight and Wiseman's also have a local milk delivery service. Please consider these options too.

Milk Delivery for New Customers

Please contact us - we have a growing number of "milk only" clients and are always willing to consider new deliveries. 0131 332 6499 (4am - 6pm) or